Try to keep these to politically, socially, and scientifically relevant sex gods. There are a lot of musicians and actors out there who positively drip sex appeal, but if they were more celebrities than historical figures, I probably won’t post them. Writers are a grey area. If they’re hot enough or if you can justify that they changed the world or something, I’ll let those slide.

And yes, Alexander Hamilton was a babe. We got it covered.

Also: I could not live without your picture/person submissions, but I generally rewrite (or at least heavily edit) the descriptions for all the posts in order to maintain continuity. But I’m always looking for partners, so if you think you have what it takes to pitch these hotties’ hotness to the interwebs with a dash of historical information and impeccable grammar and puncuation, let me know and we can talk about you being a permanent contributing member of the blog.