carmensandiegoing-deactivated20 asked:

I am sad. I reeeeeally want to recommend this blog in the category of Historical, but I don't really think it "chronicles or recounts historical works or information." DOESN'T TUMBLR REALIZE THAT APPRECIATING THE SEXY THAT HAS SADLY LEFT THIS WORLD IS JUST AS IMPORTANT A HISTORICAL PURSUIT AS THOSE THINGS???

WOW! That’s really nice of you, and I appreciate your firm morals in not nominating inaccurately. But let’s take a look, shall we?

I would like to draw your attention to the definition of the word recount. According to my dashboard widget, it means “to tell someone about something.”

Look, I may not tell you a whole lot of “facts” or “dates” or use “reputable sources.” It’s mostly just innuendos. But I do certainly tell someone (you) about something (the important information that some historical people were hot).

So I would be honored to be nominated in the Historical category. (For the history purists out there, might you consider the Humor category?) And I will try to send some sexy ghosts your way in lieu of a thank you note.

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